INTERNATIONAL WEEK at The British School of Almería

At the beginning of June, The British School of Almeria, located near the salt lakes of Roquetas de Mar, celebrated its first ‘Intenational Week’ with its Infant and Primary students as the main subjects. The event included various educational activities which celebrated the multiculturalism and multilingualism present in the day to day life of the school and which shapes its personality. 

Each class was assigned a country that was new to all the pupils, so that they could research everything about the country including the flag, anthem, culture, population, history and traditions. After this research work, they made an explanatory poster which they had to present, thus working on their teamwork and public speaking skills, aspects that form part of the school routine of the British learning methodology. 

Other educational activities included an afternoon of traditional games from around the world, such as ‘Catch the Dragon’s Tail’ from China, or the ‘Frog Friendship Race’ from Zambia. To round off this interesting week, the school organised, thanks to the collaboration of many of the school’s families, an International Gastronomic Fair where the pupils were able to discover typical dishes from the cuisines of Thailand, Russia, Morocco, England, Colombia, Venezuela and, of course, Spain. 

All the profits from the sale of tickets will go entirely to one of the NGOs with which the school collaborates, in this case ‘Street Child United’.

The school is very pleased and proud of this event. `It has been a wonderful initiative to help the students appreciate the richness of cultural differences, further enhancing their empathy, respect and open-mindedness, which are key to our pluralistic and globalised world’ says the school’s Headmistress, Gillian Greaves. 

The British school in Roquetas has a very diverse student body, where diverse nationalities coexist and enrich each other. Currently 80% of the pupils are Spanish, but the number of international families is growing year on year. Next year, we hope to repeat the initiative with an even bigger and more enriching fair for the whole school community.