Enrolment in The British School of Almeria Bilingual School

Our bilingual school in Almeria offers a different educational experience, which goes beyond traditional bilingual programmes. The development of a British programme, together with the international experiences and the continuous practice of the language, allows us to guarantee our students a unique academic process.

Welcome to The British School of Almeria Bilingual School

If you are looking for the best British school in Almeria for your children, at The British School of Almeria we guarantee a curriculum focused on the needs of each student, as well as an education based on language learning from the first years of school.

The British curriculum and the team of native teachers are just some of the advantages that our school has over other bilingual schools.

Quality Education in a Bilingual and Multicultural Environment

A bilingual and multicultural school such as The British School of Almeria offers countless benefits. Firstly, it enhances the learning of language skills, enabling students to master more than one language from an early age.

This ability can increase their cognitive capacity, improve their concentration, creativity and problem solving skills. Bilingualism can also expand future employment opportunities in an increasingly globalised world.

Secondly, multicultural schools promote diversity, encouraging understanding and respect for different cultures and traditions. This helps students to become more aware and tolerant of other people, which contributes to their personal growth and enables them to become more inclusive and respectful citizens.

This type of education allows students to see the world from multiple perspectives, which encourages critical thinking. In a multicultural environment, students learn to question, analyse and appreciate different points of view, enriching their understanding of the world.

Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach

The two main differences in our pedagogical approach are personalised education and learning through language.

Our bilingual school in Almeria offers a particular alternative to each of our students, so that they can fully develop during their first stages of education. On the other hand, the language is very present in each of the classes and activities, the result is that once they have passed the pre-university period, our students are prepared to face the most demanding international educational challenges.

Modern and safe facilities for the all-round development of the pupils.

Each of the educational stages has a specific area in our school. The Early Years classrooms are based on large, bright spaces, which also include a nap area and their own dining room.

On the ground floor are the Primary classrooms, also with their own dining room, multi-purpose room and music room.

The first floor, which corresponds to the secondary classes, incorporates classrooms, three laboratories, an art studio, an audiovisual room, computer rooms and a library.

Why choose our Bilingual School in Almeria?

Linguistic immersion, the possibility of accessing official certificates and our methodology, based on teaching with native teachers, are the main reasons for choosing our bilingual school in Almeria.

Language immersion from an early age

Children have an exceptional capacity to learn languages, because their brains are particularly receptive to learning. By exposing them to a second language from an early age, children can achieve a high level of fluency and language competence.

In addition, language immersion helps develop broader cognitive skills. Studies show that children who learn a second language from an early age tend to have better problem-solving, critical thinking and memory skills. They also benefit from increased creativity, as learning a new language can promote novel and flexible ways of thinking.

In a globalised society, being bilingual can open doors to new academic and work opportunities, facilitating intercultural communication and understanding.

Internationally recognised official certificates in English and other languages

A bilingual school has a significant advantage for the student in terms of official language certificates. Constant immersion in a second language facilitates deep and authentic learning, often necessary to pass rigorous certification exams. In addition, our school has a proficiency-oriented curriculum approach, which helps students prepare effectively for these exams.

Native teachers and innovative methodologies for language development

Native teachers have an innate competence in the language, both in terms of grammar and vocabulary, as well as pronunciation and intonation. This allows students to learn and adopt a more authentic accent and pronunciation.

In addition, native teachers have an in-depth knowledge of their own culture, allowing students to immerse themselves not only in the language, but also in the cultural context in which it is used. This helps students to better understand the subtleties and nuances of the language.

The possibility of having the experience of native teachers, coupled with an innovative curricular approach, makes our bilingual school in Almeria a reference.

Educational offer at our Bilingual School in Almeria at all levels

At The British School of Almería we incorporate intensive language learning at every stage of education.


The learning of English begins in the first years of school, while pupils are better prepared to assimilate this type of knowledge.


During the primary grades, the basic structural knowledge of the language, which will be essential for their future, is established.


Secondary school is used to acquire a more complex knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and the language in general.


During the Baccalaureate, our students acquire technical knowledge of the language, with the aim of preparing them for their future university studies.

Admission and enrolment process

The basic admission process consists of five phases:

  • Consultation
  • School visit
  • Test day or online assessment/interview
  • Offer of place
  • Enrolment

Contact form for enquiries and to request a visit

We have all kinds of facilities to encourage the development of our students. If you want to know about our bilingual school in Roquetas de Mar, Almería, come and visit us.