British School of Almeria is a different educational experience, focused on the student and his or her learning. Through a british education method we not only get our students to learn English in a natural way, but we also encourage their curiosity and their desire to learn, fostering a spirit of learning that will accompany them permanently.

In our private school in Almeria we offer your children the best school program to motivate their talent, preparing them today for the challenges they will have to face in the future.

What makes us the best private school?

We have created a unique educational program, which is developed throughout the pre-university years. We want to educate our students, but also transmit values, based on an educational community that allows them to put their social skills into practice.

Innovative educational programs

Our way of teaching goes beyond what is proposed by classic teaching programs. In our private school in Almeria we develop an intensive teaching of languages while encouraging the qualities of each student.

International Programs

Our international programs are developed in coordination with the ISP (International Schools Partnership), which allows us to offer our students all kinds of activities based on real language immersion at different ages. 

Individualized teaching

Our teaching focuses on the student throughout all stages of his or her education. Learning in our school takes into account each student’s abilities and expectations.

Private School for all educational stages

In our private school in Almeria a student can develop his or her abilities throughout all pre-university educational stages.


The first educational years focus on developing basic physical and emotional skills. In our school we focus on physical and emotional development, and we start with the basic knowledge of reading and writing in several languages.

Primary education

During the six years of primary school the student learns a series of technical knowledge that will be the basis of their permanent culture. Beyond theoretical knowledge, in our school we emphasize education in values during this stage, so our students become responsible and committed citizens.

Secondary education

During the secondary school stage, we deepen in theoretical knowledge that has to do with mathematics, history, language, sciences, etc.
This stage is crucial for their future, that is why we have developed an individual teaching method, focused on the expectations and abilities of each student.


Baccalaureate is the last academic stage prior to university. During these two years, students focus their learning towards the area in which they will specialize during university, acquiring the basic knowledge that will allow them to develop their future professional career.

What makes us different from other private schools in Almeria?

We are the only school in the province that offers a British education recognized by the Spanish educational system, from 3 to 18 years old when they start University. Our British school, characterized by a dynamic methodology, guarantees a successful education, where the student gets involved and enjoys their studies.

In our Private School in Almeria we care about languages

All our educational programs insist on the importance of language learning. Our objectives are based on providing a solid lexical and grammatical base encouraging the student’s curiosity, their language training is permanent, using other languages with the fluency with which the student communicates in their own mother tongue.

Native teachers for high-level instruction

One of the keys to our language programs is teaching with native teachers. Having the opportunity to learn with English speakers favors listening and comprehension, while learning to communicate in a natural way.
In our private school in Almeria we have a large staff of british teachers, specialized in teaching languages at school stages.

We are part of the International Schools Partnership

The linguistic environment offered by the International Schools Partnership (ISP) allows us to offer our students all kinds of immersive language experiences.
Unlike other private schools in Almeria, we create an environment in which the student learns in the classroom, but puts this knowledge into practice on an ongoing basis. The student can choose from the many experiences that the ISP allows us, to enhance their language skills.

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If you are looking for a british international school of reference for your children, at British School of Almeria we offer you the perfect environment for their future.

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