British Curriculum

Our school follows the official British Curriculum which is carefully adapted to meet the needs of our increasingly international student base. The British education system has always been renowned for its focus on academic excellence. It is also a creative, flexible system which focuses on the real-life application of knowledge and the acquisition of new skills. In British schools, although there are clear objectives assigned to each year group, the teacher has the flexibility to adapt the curriculum to suit their pupils’ interests and individual needs. This freedom allows them to provide a creative curriculum and to deliver dynamic and inspiring lessons which provide a truly enjoyable learning experience for their pupils.

As a member of the British Association of British Schools in Spain, (NABSS) our school is fully recognised and accredited by the Ministry of Education in Spain.

After completing their primary education, our pupils are assured of a smooth start in our secondary school; within the same surroundings and amongst staff and pupils that they already know.

The secondary curriculum is divided into three distinct stages:

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9)
Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)
Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13)

Key Stage Three

During Key Stage 3, pupils are provided with a comprehensive basic education in a wide range of subject areas which are listed below.They are assessed internally in class and using more formal internal assessments.

English ICT
Mathematics Art
Science Music
French or German Physical Education
History Lengua Española
Geography Sociales

At the end of Year 9, pupils are able to choose the subjects that they would like to study during the next stage, Key Stage 4.

Key Stage Four

In Key Stage 4 pupils study a mixture of compulsory and optional subjects:



English History
Maths Geography
Science ICT
French or German Art
Physical Education (Core) Music
PSHE Physical Education (GCSE)
Lengua and Sociales Media Studies
Business Studies


Key Stage 4 is a two-year programme which prepares pupils for their iGCSE examinations. These are external examinations which certify that pupils have reached the required level needed to accredit their secondary education.

Key Stage Five

Key Stage Five is the final stage in the secondary system and is a phase when pupils begin to specialise in preparation for entry into their chosen university courses.

Pupils only choose the subjects that they would like to study in the future. They are able to choose from the following:

English (Literature/Language) French Art
Mathematics German Music
Biology History Media Studies
Chemistry Geography ICT
Physics Business Studies Physical Education

In addition to the content studied in class, our Key Stage 5 pupils are expected to work independently to deepen their knowledge in each of their subjects. At the end of Key Stage 5, pupils must take Advanced Level (A Level) examinations which will provide them with an excellent grounding for their chosen undergraduate courses.

In the Sixth Form, we help our students to assume responsibility for their own learning, to take a disciplined approach to their work, and to make a contribution to the community. We provide a clear framework within which they can develop both as students and individuals.

Throughout the secondary school and the Sixth Form, there are clear codes of conduct, based on respect for fellow pupils, staff, property and the environment. Above all, we aim to foster tolerance, respect and understanding.