In Key Stage 3, (11-14 years), students are taught National Curriculum subjects as well as studying Spanish language and Humanities. From Year 7 (11 years) they are also provided with the opportunity to choose a third language, their options being either French or German. Key Stage 3 provides pupils with a key base knowledge in a wide range of subjects which they will have the opportunity to build on during the following stage, Key Stage 4.

In Key Stage 4, students embark upon a two-year course which fully prepares them for their IGCSE examinations, external examinations which they will sit at the end of Year 11. In addition to their core subjects, English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Languages and General Physical Education, pupils can choose between a wide range of “options” which include subjects such as business studies, art and design, computer studies, physical education, history and geography. Decisions are generally made based on the tastes, interests and talents of each individual pupil.

In addition, there is a personal, health and social education programme throughout the secondary school.

During the final two years (Key Stage 5), pupils follow Advanced Level courses in their chosen subjects. Prior to making this important decision, pupils are receive personal advice from their subject teachers, tutors and in careers guidance sessions arranged at school.

Our students are encouraged to study 4 or 5 specialist subjects, including A Level Spanish, taking into account their abilities, potential, interests and career aspirations. There is a complementary programme of Spanish studies, focusing on preparation for Spanish University

In the Sixth Form, we help our students to assume responsibility for their own learning, to take a disciplined approach to their work, and to make a contribution to the community. We provide a clear framework within which they can develop both as students and individuals.

Throughout the secondary school and the Sixth Form, there are clear codes of conduct, based on respect for fellow pupils, staff, property and the environment. Above all, we aim to foster tolerance, respect and understanding.