Techniques for working on inclusivity in the classroom

Our classrooms are becoming more and more diverse. Working on inclusivity in the classroom means taking into account the particularities of each student based on their origin, social, cultural, physical characteristics, etc. Through inclusivity in the classroom we create a more inclusive future society, based on respect and integration. At The British School of Almeria […]

Types of emotional intelligence and its development

Since Howard Gardner identified the different types of intelligence that make up our personality, we perceive education as a more complex process, in which not only technical knowledge is involved, but also other skills that have to do with different aspects of our education. The types of emotional intelligence lead us through a lifelong learning […]

Emotional education in adolescents during the secondary school years

Emotional education in adolescents is a fundamental part of their education. During the adolescent years, a pupil begins to make decisions autonomously, it is essential that at this stage, they learn to manage their own emotions and to understand those of others.  International school Almeria we include activities related to emotional education for teenagers, during […]

Mindfulness exercises for children 

Mindfulness is a method aimed at encouraging our concentration. Mindfulness exercises for children allow them to focus their abilities and improve the learning process inherent to this age group. At British School of Almeria we work on all the aspects involved in learning, mindfulness activities for boys and girls help to reinforce the results of […]

Importance of the family at school

The importance of the family at school is growing. The family is a basic support for girls and boys during any educational period. The family-school relationship creates a synergy that boosts the pupil’s abilities and allows us to build a continuous learning environment. At  British School of Almeria we try to involve the parents of […]

Active methodologies in primary school

The application of active methodologies in primary school Active methodologies in primary school are based on participatory processes, in which the pupil is the protagonist. Masterly learning based on memorisation does not always motivate the pupil and, moreover, this process gives priority to short-term knowledge. Active methodologies in primary school  of our private school in […]

How to develop emotional intelligence in children

Emotional management is part of a school-age child's learning. How to develop emotional intelligence is a key issue in their education, this type of competency can be stimulated, to encourage their personal and social skills.  The school is a suitable environment to practice emotional skills, it is a space they share with other children and [...]

Emotional intelligence games for children

At our private school in Almeria, we believe that Developing emotional skills from childhood will be key for adult life. In this sense, emotional intelligence games for children are the best training, so that the little ones can test their abilities and express their feelings correctly. Both in the classroom and at home, it is [...]


Our Head of Music introduces here the new music subject: Music Technology. Have a look! This year, our students will have the opportunity to create and produce music to a professional level with the new technological materials. We can’t wait to see their first music productions!


Our new initiative to help improve spoken English around the school is nicknamed the ‘Articulate Award’. Pupils across Secondary receive these awards from all the teachers for demonstrating the excellent use of English around the school. Year 8Y were the winners for the September competition, led by their Ambassadors Eduardo and Noah.CONGRATULATIONS!