Enrolment in Private School in Aguadulce (Almería)

The British School of Almeria is a private school next to Aguadulce, Almeria, with an educational offer based on language learning and the personal development of each student. Unlike traditional bilingual schools, our British School located 15 minutes from Aguadulce offers an environment in which the use of the language is permanent. In addition, ISP Schools allow us to offer our students international experiences throughout all stages of their education.

Welcome to The British School of Almería Private School

The commitment of our private school in Aguadulce, Almeria, is based on creating a multicultural environment, based on an advanced pedagogical approach and the best facilities.


Quality education in a bilingual and multicultural environment


We offer a high quality education in a bilingual environment, this multicultural approach not only enhances our students’ language skills, but also fosters a deep understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures. We prepare students to be empathetic global citizens.


Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach


Our pedagogical approach is based on individualisation of teaching, adapting educational strategies to the needs and abilities of each student. We value curiosity and critical thinking, promoting interactive and practical learning. Our educational philosophy focuses on the integral development of the student, balancing academic rigour with emotional well-being.


Modern and safe facilities for the all-round development of pupils


Our school has modern and safe facilities that support the all-round development of our students. From technologically advanced classrooms to sports and art spaces, we provide an environment conducive to learning and creativity. The safety and well-being of our students are paramount, ensuring an environment in which they can thrive academically and personally.

Why choose our Private School in Almeria?

Our educational programmes place great importance on language learning. Our students begin to express themselves in English as early as infant school, and expand their skills with a second language from primary school onwards.


Language immersion from an early age


Our British school places special emphasis on language immersion from an early age. We understand the importance of acquiring language skills at an early age, so we provide an environment in which children are immersed in English naturally and consistently. This early exposure facilitates fluent and thorough language acquisition, establishing a solid foundation for their future development.


Our school follows the British Curriculum


We follow the rigorous British curriculum plan, known for its rigorous approach and emphasis on critical thinking. This curriculum not only covers the highest academic standards, but also promotes essential life skills such as problem solving, creativity and collaboration. The implementation of this curriculum ensures that our students receive a well-rounded and balanced education, preparing them for the challenges of today’s world.


Native teachers and innovative methodologies for linguistic development


We have a team of highly qualified native teachers who use innovative methodologies to encourage language development. These methods include interactive and participatory techniques, which encourage students to use the language in practical, real-life situations. The combination of native teachers and modern pedagogical approaches guarantees a dynamic and effective learning experience for our students.

Educational offer at our private school at all levels

The language is present at every educational stage, through educational methods based on the practical use of English from the first years.




In the infant stage of our British school, the focus is on early familiarisation with English through games and interactive activities. Children learn basic vocabulary and everyday expressions, practise pronunciation and listening comprehension. The emphasis at this stage is on creating a fun and engaging environment to encourage children to communicate in English in a natural way.




During primary education, students deepen their English grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills. Oral communication is encouraged through presentations and group projects, and students begin to read more complex texts and write more clearly. Learning English at this stage lays the foundation for advanced language skills, including critical reading comprehension and effective writing.




In secondary school, the focus shifts to analysis, advanced writing and debate. Students study literature in English, learn to analyse texts critically and express their opinions coherently and persuasively. In addition, emphasis is placed on preparation for standardised tests and on the use of English in academic and professional contexts. This stage prepares students for the competent use of English in higher education and in global environments.

Admission and enrolment process

If you would like to apply for a place at our private school next to Aguadulce, Almeria, please contact The British School of Almeria, our admissions department will assess your application immediately. 

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