International School in Almeria

The British School of Almeria is an international school in Almeria with British programs, which are taught in the same way as private education in the United Kingdom. 

Our educational programs are based on language learning through international experiences, which allow our students to put their knowledge into practice on a continuous basis. We are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an academic institution made up of schools from all over the world, which allows us to offer our students international experiences in person and also in our classrooms, through the use of digital media. 

The best proof of the results of our academic programs are the scores of our school’s students in both national and international tests, our students achieve their academic goals and guide their studies towards the profession they wish to develop in their future with all the guarantees.   

What is an International School?

An international school is an academic center that offers its students face-to-face international experiences. ISP allows us to develop complete educational programs, with which our students learn through contact with other students of their age.

Our educational programs incorporate the learning of English as a fundamental part of the teaching, from its continuous practice. Our students begin to assimilate grammatical structures at the same rate at which they learn their mother tongue, in this case Spanish, permanently improving their communicative ability. 

From secondary school onwards, the learning of a third language, German or French, is established and incorporated into their study plans following a method also based on the practical part of the language.

Advantages of our International School in Almeria for your children

These are the main advantages of studying at our international school in Almeria:


  • The ISP allows us to have a complete program of international activities, with which our students learn English through immersive experiences. 
  • Language learning increases the student’s cognitive abilities, which reinforces other areas of knowledge.
  • Learning two languages improves communication skills, even in their mother tongue. 
  • Our educational method is a reinforcement for their future, improving their abilities for personal and professional experience. 
  • Our programs try to broaden their general culture beyond the language, creating committed and conscious citizens of their environment. 

Objectives of our International School in Almeria

Our main objective is that the student acquires a series of knowledge that will be the basis of their future personal life as well as their professional career. 

Beyond the curricular contents, there are a series of commitments that, for our international school in Almeria, are fundamental. Our students must perceive their own education as a permanent process for which they are responsible. Learning does not end with the academic training period, it goes beyond it, and that is why our programs insist on the importance of ensuring that each student maintains a curiosity for his or her own education. 

Regarding the learning of foreign languages, we believe in the assimilation of languages based on their practical use. Communication skills are a basic issue when it comes to language learning, in this sense, the international character of our school is an advantage, because it allows our students to learn to communicate with other students of their age, both in the classroom through digital media, and through face-to-face experiences in schools around the world. 

We want to offer each of our students the education they need, that is why our international school in Almeria has personalized teaching methods, adapted to the abilities of each student. The fulfillment of these objectives is what allows us to ensure a quality education, based on the most demanding British standards.

We are part of the International Schools Partnership

International Schools Partnership (ISP) is an organization composed of 50 schools from 15 different countries. The collaboration of the academic institutions that are part of the ISP allows us to offer our students international language programs that are renewed annually and allow us to create an international network of collaboration, with which thousands of students from all over the world can learn languages through immersive experiences. 

The British School of Almeria is part of the International Schools Partnership, so our language programs are an advantage for our students. 

The best international programs at our school

An international language program cannot be based on one-time activities, it must be based on a comprehensive educational plan, which also collaborates with institutions around the world. At The British School of Almeria we rely on our international programs as the best reinforcement for the knowledge acquired in the classroom. Each year, our students have all kinds of activities that allow them to develop their communication skills and get to know other cultures.

Choose the best International School for your children’s future

When it comes to the future of your children it is important to have the commitment of a quality educational center, capable of developing programs oriented to their education throughout all academic periods. Our international school in Almeria is based on the precepts of British education, to develop bilingual programs that will be an advantage for their professional and personal future. 

If you want to offer your children the best educational experience in Almeria, contact our school, come and visit our facilities. 

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