Importance of the family at school

The importance of the family at school is growing. The family is a basic support for girls and boys during any educational period. The family-school relationship creates a synergy that boosts the pupil’s abilities and allows us to build a continuous learning environment. At  British School of Almeria we try to involve the parents of our pupils in their education, so that we all form part of the same educational project. 

What does it mean for parents to be involved in academic projects?

When we analyse the educational project of a girl or a boy, we usually differentiate two different aspects, the school and the education at home. The school would be the institution in charge of providing technical and theoretical training, while the family is in charge of emotional development, teaching values, etc. However, these principles are becoming increasingly blurred.

When we talk about the importance of the family in schools, we are referring to activities that can be shared by schools and the families of pupils. These are not always activities that take place in the school environment, as we will see below, the key is to establish strategies that coordinate the education that the pupil receives at school and the learning at home.

The advantages of the family-school relationship

  • We generate an integral development of the student, which begins in the classroom and continues at home. 
  • The links that already exist between the child and his or her own family are strengthened. 
  • The family has first-hand knowledge of everything that happens in the school environment. 
  • Teachers have direct communication channels with families.
  • Problems can be approached from various points of view, looking for better solutions.
  • For parents, it reinforces confidence in the school.    
  • For parents, it also reinforces the establishment of educational guidelines.

How the family is integrated into the school environment  

There are many different ways of involving parents in their children’s academic activity. Each school has its own activities for parents to actively participate in the academic education of their pupils. At The British School of Almeria we organise the following events:

  • Blog and news: Our school has different virtual spaces where families can find out what is new at our school and keep in touch with their children’s day to day lives.
  • Virtual open days: In addition to the open days, we add online activities where parents can visit our facilities from home, through virtual tours.  
  • Recitals and performances: In our centre, creativity and art have their own space. Our families can enjoy the performances of our students and participate in this type of activities.  
  • Sports clubs and activities: These types of activities are aimed at pupils, but are also open to parents who wish to participate.   

Involvement of parents in their children’s day-to-day lives

In addition to the occasional events held at our school, all our educational programmes are geared towards parental involvement and work at home.

Study after the hours a pupil spends in class is essential to consolidate knowledge. All subjects require a process of study at home, the results of which are enhanced with the participation of parents. 

Beyond supervision, our intention is that our students have a continuous learning process, with which they can develop their potential both at school and at home. To achieve this, our programmes invite parents to be part of their children’s academic development. 

The important thing is to create a common space, in which the pupil feels protected, and can also acquire the necessary knowledge at each educational stage.

The need to educate in values

Beyond academic education, it is important for a pupil to be able to assimilate and put into practice values that will be essential for their future. The collaboration of schools and families allows us to educate in values and to demonstrate to pupils that this part of their education will be fundamental for their future. 

At The British School of Almeria we are based on eight core values, which allow us to transmit to our pupils our vision of the world around them:

  • Ambitious
  • Respectful
  • Inquisitive 
  • Compassionate 
  • Independent
  • Reflective
  • Resilient
  • Open-minded   


Our commitment is based on putting these values into practice throughout all academic terms, so that our pupils can recognise their value. The involvement of parents in this aspect of teaching is vital, as the best example they receive is the one they see at home. 

Continuous language learning at school and at home

Our bilingual school in Almeria runs bicultural language learning programmes. 

Learning two languages during the early years involves permanently internalising the structures of both languages, this learning requires reinforcement which takes place at home, and which allows language skills to be practised beyond the classroom. 

The confidence that a pupil acquires with a second language comes from putting it into practice, the family environment is also a suitable place for language learning not to be limited to the school environment.  

The British School of Almeria and the Amazing Learning experience

Our school involves parents, both in special activities and in the learning process of our students. 

The British School of Almeria offers a truly bilingual academic experience, with native teachers and a programme focused on language learning and practice from the early years.